Teaching yoga

Since completing the 200-hour Teacher Training in Bern I have been teaching one or two corporate classes a week and I sub at Yoga Luna.

I may not have turned into a Sanskrit expert, but the YTT has kicked off a journey. It has brought to the fore more mindful living, more awareness of my own self as well as my surroundings. I am more present and focussed, but I have not turned into wonderwoman - I am still not patient and am constantly learning new things.


It's nice to know this journey has only just started.

Ardha Chandrasana

Half Moon is one of my favourite poses. It takes stability in the standing leg, length and strength in the back leg as well as a long side body for the pose to be comfortable. Like the half moon in the sky, the pose shows the polarities of life - a balance between stability and lightness, between grounding and reaching towards the sky.