A bit about my life

​When someone asks me where I am from I say from Europe. It is the continent I love - the variety of people, nature, foods and habits. I grew up in Freiburg in southern Germany, moved to Berlin to study after school but never felt at home there. Life led me to complete a journalism degree near London, and it is in the Big Smoke that I then worked for 10 years as a real-time journalist. In between I travelled lots, got to know myself again and again in all kinds of situations.

Circumstances changed and my time in blighty came to an end. Contrary to all stereotypes the Bernese were the fastest to offer me a job and I moved to Switzerland. While my heart is scattered across the globe, I am grateful life led me to such a beautiful town.


​With endless support of my husband I run a family, organise events, teach yoga and work part-time. 

Favourite pastimes

In more than 55 countries my backpack was my best friend for a long time. Life has changed since, I no longer feel anxious when I don’t have a trip planned. Inside, the travel bug has never left me - I just travel differently these days. Eyes still wide open at the marvels of the world, I am full of wonder at where even the smallest of all journeys will take me. 

I am also a bookworm, like spending time with good friends and enjoy Savasana after a good class. I love fresh air, coffee, words (kinda goes hand in hand with being a journalist), laughter, the smell of cinnamon bark, revels, dahl and much much more. 

Lastly, the human body amazes me every day. Every part fascinates me, as it is whole and can only function as one unit. Having said that, the part that fascinates me most is the feet. They carry a special burden: us - every day they carry us through life, in total about four times around planet earth. Fancy that!